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Naturasun introduces a unique approach to natural looking flawless tanning, available in 7 gorgeous shades colours can be mixed or you can create your very own special shade making colour possibilities endless! Containing 100% natural ingredients and a unique formula for quick development, long lasting results and an even fade, Naturasun is perfect for all skin tones!

Who we are

Naturasun is Europe’s no.1 best-selling spray tan product! Backed by years of extensive research and development, Naturasun introduces a unique approach to obtaining a natural looking flawless self-tan.

What we do

Unlike other leading self-tanning products which are usually only available in ‘Light, Medium or Dark’, Naturasun spray tan is available in 7 different gorgeous shades – which means you can mix colours to create your own special shade of tan!

Our philosophy

This method of self-tanning offers beauty professionals and their clients the variety they crave, making clients feel incredible in their own skin whilst helping salons to grow through increased client loyalty and return on investment


This revolutionary product-mixing approach is a first in the self-tan industry, containing 100% natural ingredients and a unique formula for quick development, long lasting results and an even fade, Naturasun is rapidly becoming a favourite for all skin tones.


Some of our most commonly asked questions about our spray tan

How long will my tan last?

Your tan will last around 5-7 days and will fade naturally as the outer layer of your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells. To make the most of your tan follow the preparation tips below to ensure your skin is as receptive as it can be.

How should I prepare before getting my tan?

A day before going for your spray tan exfoliate and remove any unwanted hair. The day of your tan avoid wearing perfume, make-up, moisturisers or anything that causes perspiration as these can be barriers to tan development. These steps will also help your tan last longer.

What should I wear?

Dark underwear should be worn when getting your tan, afterwards wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, again keep this dark in colour where possible if colour does transfer it will wash of.

How long does it take to develop?

Our tan takes 8 hours to develop, after this time you will be able to shower and bathe as normal. It is recommended that you do not go swimming after your spray tan as the chlorine can make the tan patchy/streaky. Our new express tan starts developing right away! For a light tan wait 1-2 hours, after this time it’s up to you! Let it develop to the colour you would like then wash off.

Spray Tan Solution

With 7 specially-formulated, natural-looking colours and endless colour mixing possibilities, Naturasun offers salons and clients more choice than ever before.

Contains two specially-blended active ingredients that make this our richest and longest lasting colour. Suited to those with medium to dark skin tones

Buy Dark & Envious

Probably our most popular shade, tempting toffee gives a deeper hue suited to those with medium to dark skin tones.

Buy Tempting Toffee

Our brand new express quick drying tan is our darkest colour, ideal for creating that ultimate, rich and luxurious look. Can be washed off as soon as 60 minutes after applying, leave on longer and watch it develop if you desire an even darker shade.

Buy Tropical Truffle

Provides a gorgeous golden glow. Flawless and natural looking it gives that just back from holiday look. Suited to those with medium to dark skin tones.

Buy Heavenly Honey

All our products contain 100% natural ingredients and have added moisturiser for longer lasting results.

Tempting Toffee Self-Tanning Mousse

We are proud to introduce our new fabulous self-tanning mousse.

Our heavenly Tempting Toffee Mousse is deliciously brown and has a luxurious formula that will leave your skin looking good enough to eat! The mousse develops into a sumptuous, natural looking tan.

It couldn’t be easier to achieve the tan you desire. Simply apply the mousse directly to the skin, then rub in gently using circular motions… mmmm Heavenly!




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